Since 1995 I have worked with Black & White Infrared Photography and have also devoted a large part of my artistic work to panoramic montages in a variety of styles.

About 5 years ago I chose to fuse these two elements and began working by pointing the lens to my home island of Puerto Rico. The project ended up being published as a best selling book in PR.

Recently, I have concentrated my work on the landscapes of Western North America, portraying its raw natural state and primeval wilderness, subtly magnified by the unique visual impact that only IR can bring forth.

Infrared Photography has always captivated me because of its ability to capture a reality that our eyes are not able to detect. As with any traditional camera, infrared cameras like mine, capture the electromagnetic waves that constitute the color spectrum of visible light (400-700nm), but the sensors on these cameras are also sensitive to the longer near infrared waves that go beyond the red color in the visible spectrum (700-1200nm), which are invisible to the human eye.

Different objects absorb and reflect the infrared rays in different manners, thus creating an abstract and surreal image while maintaining the visual reality of the scene. The result is a more rich and complete photograph with an unparalleled visual content.

By mounting these individual photographs in a panoramic format, I make sure to fully capture all the elements present in the scenery. In doing so, I leave none of the essential details out of the composition, so that anyone who admires the work can feel as if they were right there with me as I was clicking the shutter. The lanscapes I shoot deserve no less!

This latest collection of panoramic works takes us from the glaciers in Canada to the desert of New Mexico, and from the volcanoes in the Cascades Range to the alpine lakes in the Colorado Rockies. These remote locations have served me as the best subjects within this western wilderness in which we serve as the ultimate witnesses of the results of nature's magnificent forces that heve shaped our Earth for millions of years.

My motivation to document these breathtaking panoramas, and in the process, translate them into my own visual language, come from various sources, interests, and experiences which have blended together to realize this project. Among these qualities is being an easy-going outdoor person (avid hiker, nature connoiseur, geography master, meteorology freak, and a low-maintenance, weather-resistant happy camper). This sure all comes in handy, together with the required knowledge and full control of the photographic equipment, the techniques, and its applications, in order create some worthiest and most impacting images at the end of the day.

I sincerely hope you enjoy my work.


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