• Salvi Colom
  • Fine art, commercial, and stock photographer from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

With camera on hand since the early 90's, I have been capturing and presenting what lies beyond the individual and simple image. Throughout the years, this has driven me to evolve the technique into a fuller way of presenting the photographed landscape by piecing together multiple images into one larger and richer composition. In the end, we can admire meticulous studies of different subjects displayed on my collages, mosaics and panoramic works, thus shedding a newer and fresher when presented in such a visually richer and expanded medium.

Currently, I am finishing my documentary project about North America's western natural landscape. It is comprised of a myriad of raw and pure manifestations of nature's intricate qualities through its geology, flora, fauna, bodies of water, and weather phenomena.

In 2010 I published my first photography book "El Puerto Rico que yo conozco" which is composed of more than 350 panoramic montages made up of multiple infrared B&W images of the Puerto Rican landscape. The coffee-table book has 200 pages and can be purchased at various outlets or by contacting me by email.

To read more about my Panoramic Infrared works, visit the Page titled: Why I shoot Infrarerd

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Besides my works displayed in this webste, I have amassed an extensive stock photography collection from Puerto Rico and some other parts of the world. These images are not displayed here, and can be supplied upon request. Please send me an email with your specific requests.

Limited edition prints and fine art works are available for purchase in different sizes and materials as well. For more complex projects please inquire about my full services of pre-planning, designing, printing, framing, mounting, and installation, offered at a reasonable cost, and customized to your needs.

Institutional clients for my fine art works in the past years include the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, BLT Steak Restaurants, Fundacion Angel Ramos, Ambassador Radisson Hotel, Traspatio Restaurant, Nabo Restaurant, as well as renown art collectors, architects, interior designers, and dozens of individual private buyers.

As usual, I am available for special assignments and commissioned jobs. As of now, the doors are open for artistic representation in the western part of USA.

To view a selection of my installed and permanent works, please visit the Portfolio titled: Private Collections

  • Individual Exhibitions
  • 1999 De Cuba y Mucho... Parte I
  • 2002 De Cuba y Mucho... Parte II
  • 2003 Fotofotorealismos
  • 2004 Q-los de Q-ba
  • 2004 Nueva York en un día
  • 2005 En Cuba seguimos de pie
  • 2006 Fotomontajes de New York
  • 2006 Vieques desde el cielo
  • 2008 Fotomontajes de Italia
  • 2010 El PR que yo conozco
  • Collective Exhibitions
  • 1998 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía I
  • 2000 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía II
  • 2002 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía III
  • 2002 Bienal Nacional de Artes Plásticas
  • 2002 Autoretratos II
  • 2004 Saludo a Bienal de Fotografía IV
  • 2004 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía IV
  • 2006 Foto RoKa 06
  • 2006 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía V
  • 2006 Trafico Pesado
  • 2007 HOY
  • 2007 Excalatrix
  • 2008 El tiempo a favor de los pequeños
  • 2008 Caminos
  • 2008 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía VI
  • 2009 Solstice
  • 2009 La Muerte
  • 2010 S.C.A.R.
  • 2010 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía VII
  • 2011 Cuarto Oscuro 1
  • 2011 Cuarto Oscuro 12x12
  • 2012 FotoVisura Pavillion
  • 2012 Bienal Nacional de Fotografía VIII
  • 2013 Freedom
  • 2014 Aqua
  • 2014 Parasol

To view some of my exhibited works visit the Portfolio titled: Exhibitions